• Pat Opperman

Baby’s Preseason Top 100 NFL Fantasy Players

One look at the mountains of graphs, stat sheets, and training camp updates bulging from Baby’s computer tells me exactly what time of year this is.

It is NFL FANTASY draft prep season! Every major, minor, and in-between NFL Fantasy Football and sports publication known to humanity is publishing top-100 lists based on years of experience, tons of numbers, gut feelings, and an occasional coin flip.

Serious NFL Fantasy owners will spend the waning days of summer comparing ranks and notes from dozens of sources.

The thing is, not a single person in the world knows for sure who will end the season among the top 100 fantasy scorers, much less the top ten.

Rankings are tainted by technique prejudice. There might be three, six, or ten quarterbacks among the top 100 picks, depending on what round the author believes passers should be drafted.

Running Back firsts or zero-running back aficionados will unconsciously vary the order of receivers and runners.

Then, once the season starts, injuries, hold-outs, irate coaches, and trades will change the whole NFL Fantasy world.

Statistically speaking, two of the top-ten drafted fantasy players will miss at least eight games this year.

How are you supposed to know who to draft? Well, of course… you ask Baby!

CLICK HERE to see Baby’s definitive list of top 100 NFL Fantasy players of 2019:


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