Here are links to the MCUGuatemala blog and a few other faith-based or missions-related articles fro  over the years. 

A Fresh Glass of Water - They were dead... and then they weren't. 
Singing Out Loud-  God gave us each a voice. It would be a shame not to use it. 
Loving Like Jesus-  Did you ever notice that Jesus never says, "I love you?" 
Jesus Wept-  Can we look to Jesus' example in dealing with the Covid crisis? 
Being There-  It's easy to forget the most important thing we can do for others. 
Biggest Production Ever-  bells and whistles don't change the Word.
Best Laid Plans-  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time! 
Loving EVERYone Another-  We're not just brothers and sisters. We're practically twins.
When I Was a Thanksgiving Turkey-  Hard to believe my traditions weren't universal.
Wasting Time Looking For Disciples- In the immortal words of Nike, "Just do it."
When Tragedy Strikes-  It doesn't have to make sense to know where to turn. 
7 Tips for Selling Christianity-  What my hardware-selling days taught me about evangelism.
8 Vital Rules For Every Mission Trip-  Leave your plans at home. 
5 Clues to Child Poverty-  It's too easy for their cuteness to belie their tragic lives.
Volcanoes, Weddings, and The Power of God-  Everything planned to perfection, until...