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 PAT OPPERMAN retired from real life to write about the NFL and other religious matters.  

Occasionally, he'll venture into other areas regarding American sports and culture, often infusing a dry sense of humor into things.


When not writing, Pat spends his time feeding children and helping families in Central America. 

You can find examples and links to his mission blog on this site. 

Feel free to share any article that doesn't say "Not for sharing". 

Pat is available to write or ghostwrite for anyone in need of his services.. Just shoot a note to our CONTACT PAGE with an email address. 

About the Author

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         NFL Football 

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Occasionally, I get asked to write about other sports.

Here there are links to some informational features and some less-informational pieces. 

Baseball is my second specialty. All else requires research. 

Fantasy football is my favorite topic. I field about a dozen teams each season of varying league types. 
In the past, I wrote over 40 articles per week for 2 large European sports sites, but this season I only helped a small startup. HIRE ME!!!!! 

Some day soon, I'll add more categories, but for now, you'll have to CLICK HERE FOR RANDOM STUFF I also wrote. 

You'll find politics, health, news, and fun stuff I've written for various clients. 

I'm not just about sports and faith- feel free to ask me to write anything!

MCU-Guatemala is the name of the faith-based mission in Central America run by my wife and me. Over the years, I've taken time to write about missions and other faith-based topics from my Christian point of view for the mission's blog page and for other churches and orgs.